My husband and I had been gifted a pre-loved wooden cot from my sister for our first-born. We decided to paint it white to go with the decor of our yet-to-be-renovated babies room.

As I watched him dilute the paint with thinner I realised it was a perfect chance to work on my neglected stock photography collection. Machinery companies often need โ€˜working picsโ€™ of their products. Which is why I jumped at the chance of capturing my husband using the paint sprayer.

I joined Alamy in 2012. Iโ€™ve updated photos sporadically over the years but not in a dedicated fashion.

I took about 20 images. Because my husband gallantly gave me his overalls, he had to wear an old racing jacket which unfortunately is covered in logos and logos are not allowed on Alamy. In the end I chose two images which were the sharpest and showed the paint sprayer to its best advantage, with the fewest logos to remove.

This is the first time Iโ€™ve used Adobe Lightroom to post process the images so it will be interesting if it passes the QC (Quality Control) process.

You can purchase these two images in my Alamy collection here:

Stock photography by McCrory Creative at Alamy

Search ‘paint sprayer’.

Adding photos to my collection,
Taryn McCrory
McCrory Creative