Residual Income Streams – Success and Failure, Easy or Difficult – January 2021

Hi valued readers,

I am keen to smash my business goals this year, the most important one for me is to really get my residual income streams working before I start getting really busy doing photography, print and graphic design. I have about a two week window before my daughter starts school. Having residual income helps during situations where I cannot work; such as when the kids are sick, or I get sick, or (touch wood) there is another Level 4 lockdown.

I’m sure there are many others in the same boat, I don’t know if they’re are any like me in New Zealand, trying to figure out ways to succeed with money on the internet, because a lot of the people I follow are from the United States or the U.K, so I thought I would be transparent and give you all a list of what I am trying, so you can follow if I succeed.

Here is a list of my different attempts to date:

McCrory Creative YouTube

McCrory Creative YouTube


To subscribe to my YouTube channel:


I would say pretty difficult/or easy, depending on your stage of life. If you have a smartphone, you can create a YouTube channel. My issue is because I only work part-time, it’s having the time to spend on it. It is cumulative so it can only grow if you keep feeding it content. I generally get about 8 new subscribers from each new video. At the moment I’ve had most views and feedback with the Epson ET-7750 product review.


No income yet from YouTube but learning video editing and posting YouTube videos has helped me gain video editing clients.


HappyMoose – McCrory Creative

Affiliate Code:

HappyMoose – Get your photo memories printed. Use the code MCCRORYCREATIVE to get 10% off your order.


I emailed them to become an affiliate. I post to instagram when I order from them.


OK I am stoked – I went to my affiliate dashboard thinking I only had one or two using the code but I see there are five affiliate transactions earning me $20.21 in store credit which is awesome!

Thank you so much!!

Alamy Affiliate McCrory Creative

Alamy – McCrory Creative

Affiliate and Stock Links:

Stock Photography Link:

Alamy Affiliate:


I signed up with Alamy stock photography site when I was doing my photography diploma whilst doing my OE in the United Kingdom. It was one of my biggest achievements at the time to be able to have photos good enough to pass Quality Control. I have only just added the advertising for the affiliate link to my website as you will see on the right!


$84 in stock photography sales, no affiliate sales yet.

McCrory Creative - Firmoo Affiliate

McCrory Creative – Firmoo Affiliate

Affiliate Link and Code:

Firmoo – Get 10% off fancy new prescription glasses…

Give 50% off, Get $10 cash – Your Exclusive Code: E1W4R9

Share Firmoo with a friend and you’ll each get a 50% Off coupon code for frames, and YOU will get $10 cash when they place their first order.


Really easy to sign up and share the code with friends. No brainer to be signed up for this as three of us need glasses in our household.


I haven’t shared the code yet! What have I been doing with my life!

McCrory Creative - RedBubble Affiliate

McCrory Creative – RedBubble 


Visit McCroryCreative’s shop, for cool artwork on awesome products!


I’m creating Tee-Shirts designs anyway to upload on my own shop but my client base will be New Zealanders. It’s easy enough to upload the same designs to Redbubble so that I can sell to Australia and the United States as well. Really easy to sign up and really easy to upload designs and create mockups. You can literally put a design on anything, a Blanket? Sure can, what about a shower curtain? You Betcha!


I have only just set this up.

Conclusion Jan 2021

As of January 2021 I have earned $20.21 in commissions, $84 in stock photography and at least $2000 in client work from video editing. Even writing this blog post has been a good exercise because I didn’t know for sure if any of this marketing was actually working. Keeping an eye on it and checking up to see what’s going on is going to be so beneficial to the success of each option.

I do need an affiliate link for the gear that I purchase. In America they have Amazon links but we don’t have that in NZ. After a quick Google search I found LinkShop, which has affiliate links to NZ’s favourite brands. I’ve just signed up so hopefully they accept me and I can add some more affiliates to this list.

I am also working on becoming a Adobe Affiliate which seems harder than it looks so I have asked for support on that. I will update you with how it’s all going in 6 months. I think six months is a good test to see what works and what doesn’t.

Thank you, valued reader, for your time x

Most people never pick up the phone and call. Most people never ask. And that’s what separates sometimes the people that do things from the people that just dream about them. Steve Jobs

The full Affiliate List (In no particular order):

  1. To subscribe to my YouTube channel:
  2. Use the code MCCRORYCREATIVE to get 10% off your order.
  3. Visit McCroryCreative’s shop, for cool artwork on awesome products!
  4. Firmoo – Get 10% off fancy new prescription glasses…
  5. Give 50% off, Get $10 cash Your Exclusive Code: E1W4R9
  6. Alamy Affiliate:
  7. Stock Photography Link: