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Since we found out the trigger for Ailia’s eczema is dairy (butter is ok), gluten and corn we have changed our whole lifestyle. She sleeps so much better now, she’s happy, she’s calm and she isn’t itchy. It requires constant vigilance because even though something is gluten free it might still have maltodextrin, maize or cornstarch in it. We went the customary three months and tried to introduce corn and gluten back in but she had an instant reaction. She gets energetic, emotional, no ears, almost like ADD. I used to blame it on sugar. After eating something she’d scream through the night and wake up with eczema.

So when I find a recipe or a shop that has something she can eat I get so happy.

I found Hunter Gatherer Gourmet on the Girlboss Facebook page. She was looking for influencers and I was looking for healthy food I could photograph so I can market myself as a food photographer as well. I am so glad I messaged her.

And do you know, just before I pressed send a little voice said, you’re not really good enough. Don’t send it. imagine if I had listened. I even pressed delete!

I would’ve missed out on beautiful recipe mixes that are 100% good for Ailia, corn, gluten and dairy free, theres even a seed mix for people with nut allergies. Having dietary requirements is really hard. It effects relationships with friends and you’re that guy when you go out for dinner. I follow the diet because I am still breastfeeding but a couple of times I’ve eaten gluten I’ve been sooo tired. Hopefully one day Ailia will be able to be 80-20%. 80% good for those 20% treats, or maybe she’ll grow out of it! Until then we have Hunter Gatherer Gourmet ๐Ÿ™‚

Feeling delicious,

Taryn McCrory
McCrory Creative


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