How I Create

One thing I love about the internet is how easy it is to access really great teachers on any subject you’re truly passionate about. If you want to learn, you can, even if you only have a phone! Just Youtube it!

So when watching  Netflix’s abstract I got terribly excited learning about Paula Scher, who is a Graphic Design legend. She invented the font graphics used in New York City. So much so that when she designs something, the world copies her!

Paula is a firm believer of getting away from the computer to problem solve her design problem. I found that is how my mind works as well. When I studied copywriting, I learned that no good ideas arrive whilst plonked at my desk. I have to get away with a pencil and an art book and write or draw what I’m thinking. The ideas flow and layer on each epiphany until I have what I want. Even this post was written away from the computer. Paula Scher does the same thing, except she sits in a taxi and thinks on it!

Oftentimes my ideas will come at 4 o’clock in the morning and I have to make the decision to turn on my phone to write it down or potentially lose it forever. My best ideas come after my subconscious has had a chance to chew on them.

mccrory creative idea

Before Apple updated their iPhones to have a night display emanating orange light; if I even attempted to write something on my phone – instantly awake! The pre-updated blue light would interrupt my circadian rhythm. Even writing on my phone is not foolproof, hence my idea to be able to write notes in the dark.

The idea for my logo came to me one night when I couldn’t sleep. I had all these great ideas and nowhere to store them. So I drew my epiphany on the notepad on my phone, you get the idea from the picture above. The same creative process applies when I work for clients. Their design problem will simmer at the back of my mind until I find a solution. Suddenly the world around me revolves around the message my client needs to deliver in their logo, photography, or in their website.

Most of the time I’ll get a great idea between 3-4am. Oddly, thats when Ailia wakes up too, she must biologically programmed the same! I would love to find out if there’s any science behind it.

In saying that, it’s not like my ideas come all nicely packaged and amazing straight out of the box. My creation process usually goes like this:

  • Ugghhh this idea sucks, I’ve wasted so much time on it already, It’s horrible. (This is generally where most of my half finished projects stay.)
  • I have to finish it anyway, maybe it’s good. (Congrats to making it over the line!)
  • Hey it’s starting to look kinda alright.
  • Yeah I’m pretty pleased with that.
  • What can I make next?

One thing Paula Scher said at the end really stuck with me. “What can I make next?” That is me to a T. What can I make next? It truly is how I live. Once I’ve made something, I make something else. Until forever…

Next, I need to make some amazing photographs. Stay tuned.

Making art,

Taryn McCrory