I Accidentally Deleted Years Of Work So That’s Why I’m Writing This Blog Post From My Phone


Today I was trying to get PayPal to work with WoocCommerce on my website, the payment gateway kept coming up with the same error so I tried to fix it by updating the backend and deleting unused plugins, it wasn’t until after I had changed many, many things that I realised I had somehow deleted all of my blog posts to date. I felt a pang of anguish and panic that all that work was gone… I’ve been blog posting from the beginning of my journey – this website documents where I started.


I’ll be ok though. I’ve always made sure that automatic back-ups run for my clients but I’ve only ever completed it manually for myself. I will work on populating my website again, making sure I have automatic backups running in the background.


On the bright side – I’ve found all sorts of new features that will make publishing my work a whole lot easier. I’ve logged in to WordPress on my phone and added the Jetpack Plugin. This will be responsible for the daily backups and the ability to post from my phone.


My son and I doing a hard days work.


Writing this is fun. With the added usability I should be able to add heaps of great content because I can upload images straight from my phone.


Today I show up for work because I want to, because I need to, because I love the challenge of trying to earn money from my own ideas.

Taryn McCrory


Is it self absorbed to quote oneself? (Probably haha)


I wanted a selfie but she thought this was way funnier.


I paid for the JetPack subscription as it has heaps of cool features that I can’t wait to try out. But the main reason of course is the automatic daily back-ups and automatically updating my plugins so I never have this issue again.


Now that my site is getting bigger I need a bit more protection, I’ve also always had an issue with spam. JetPack Security blocks spammers and malicious attacks. They also have a free CRM add-on that I can’t wait to try out.


Writing blog posts on my phone is actually a whole lot easier then on the computer. I can’t believe I didn’t know I could do this until now. I guess a little bit of pain for a bit of growth is a good trade. I’ll miss you, all those years of work.


Until next time x