My Maternity Shoot + Creative Synergy

Have you ever seen two photography nerds at a photo shoot? We don’t have a stop button. The creative energy flows and time passes with a snap!

It all started when my fellow photog friend Jen offered to help me take my maternity photos. I knew what kind of mood I wanted. My inspiration comes from photographers like @reneerobyn and @brookeshaden. Who, on the whole, have a dark moody feel to their images. But what we created really surpassed my expectations! 

On the day Jen came to my house I was 37 weeks pregnant and feeling that way. Super hormonal and stuck in a slump, feeling overwhelmed and huge… (Cough) I may or may not have been crying in my car, what’s a mental breakdown between friends am I right???

Hey I could say that I was super happy all day and I’m super happy being pregnant all the time but that just isn’t the truth. I have great days where I’m filled with energy and other days where I’m so tired that I can’t even summon energy to bend over and pick something off the floor. I know anyone who is reading this has been there. I tell you what, having that moment really made me appreciate the rest of the day!!

So, after a cup of tea and realizing that the sheet I had planned for the photo shoot wasn’t exactly going to fit my 37 week pregnant body, Jen suggests we hit the op shops in Hawera to find one.

We walk into every single shop and come out empty handed until finally, tada! We entered the last op shop on the street and found the dress that totally fit my mood and my idea. The old lady who sold it to me was so pleased that someone bought it, I didn’t have the heart to tell her we planned to cut a strip right down the middle. A $10 bargain!

We headed home and as Jen is good with crafts she got the honours of cutting a great big hole in the dress 👗 

We then head down to my favourite beach and the day couldn’t have been more bleak, just perfect for the mood I wanted to go for!!!

We photographed and I posed like crazy, Jen was running up and down the beach carrying our gear and our enthusiasm bounced off each other! I pranced along remembering my hours of studying how to pose people, from the hand placement, to the straight neck and straight back. Jen kept getting inspiration and directing me towards things. We were both so pumped! And then we found the reflections!!!  

I’m actually in love with these photos. Synergy in action, thank you Jen!

It comes as no surprise that after this session I definitely wasn’t hormonal anymore! My soul was filled up with creative energy! Though the next day I seized up and couldn’t move because ya know, 37 weeks pregnant 😂

We have both created different edits of the images. Go check out Jen’s YouTube channel to see the images and her vlog of the day. 

This week I’m 38 weeks and life is good. I’ve officially put myself on maternity leave, so if you need any digital creations I’ll see you in a few months xxxx

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