I’ve been inspired by a few people these last couple of months while researching and working on my business idea. Over time I want to share them all with you. The first one is Scott Dinsmore, creator and founder of Live your Legend.

I came across Scott Dinsmore’s Live your Legend Ted Talk a few months ago. I found him very inspiring.  On his website I found free tools to help me to accomplish my dream of working from home, doing things that I love, and making a living doing it. It was such a shock, after completing his blog challenge, to find out that he had recently passed away.

Because of this I decided to publish this post as a form of respect, so that people know that he was one of the first people to inspire me at the beginning, and I truly believe that his idea will grow and spread, until we all Live our Legend.

A few tasks I have to tick off today that was apart of Scott’s 7 day blog writing challenge:

  • Get an email address working in the back-end
  • Create an OPT IN option with mail chimp so that people can read my blog

Tick and done!

Scott Dinsmore’s Ted talk is one that I refer back to constantly for inspiration. I am so glad that I came across it and that I can pay my respects in this way.

Aiming high,

Taryn McCrory
McCrory Creative