For young sister Entrepreneurs Mech and Hin from Moose Tea, their brand represents:

  • Nature and a connection to the earth.
  • For health conscious tea drinkers.
  • In awe of something that’s new and old.
  • Tasting our tea’s bring satisfaction and happiness.

After careful thought as to what is representative of their brand, I pitched this idea to Moose Tea:

Young 20+ woman sitting in the roots of a huge tree smiling blissfully drinking a glorious cup of Moose Tea. Could be a composite image where the background and everything that is surrounding the woman and her tea is really stormy so the only calmness is from the tree, the woman and her teacup. Representative of winter, the chaos of life, warmness, nature, the calming effect of drinking tea. 

Bringing it all together:

I really enjoyed planning and sourcing the location, props and model and having it all come together into the image that I originally visualised to represent Moose Tea’s brand. The tea cup is from Ethel Anne Antiques in Hawera. The shopkeeper went around the whole shop and displayed 10+ teacup combos for me to choose from. I really appreciate tea cups now.

I was discussing how I visualise the dress with Chekera from Heaven Hair and Beauty, and she popped home to lend me a dress!

I described how I pictured the model to my friend Rose, and she immediately got me in contact with the perfect model!

I went tramping around the parks in Hawera in search of the perfect tree, after shooting in one park I was on my way home, tired, when out of the corner of my eye I saw the trunk of this tree in Goodsons Dell. So pleased.

The model and I waited for two weeks for the break in the weather to rush down to Goodsons Dell and take this image. I wanted the sun to shine in from the right. We got there at 10am. I photographed her until I knew I had the perfect image, and just as I knew I had the shot; rain started pouring!

An image like this has so many planned parts it was so enjoyable to plan, execute, and deliver it.

When it came to editing the Wacom Intuos Tablet really came into it’s own, masking leaves and branches is kinda fun now :P

Thank you Mech and Hin for choosing McCrory Creative, it was a pleasure! Check them out at