Mandi Jones is starting up her own fitness brand, creating fitness videos to access in your own home. She also is a Les Mills qualified group fitness instructor, boot camp instructor and a soon-to-be Mum!

When Mandi spoke to me she said she really wanted her brand to represent nurturing, wellbeing, strength and support to emphasise her group fitness and bootcamp arms.

Also, she loved the colour red.

Using colour psychology, I incorporated all she wanted into her logo.

Red symbolises strength, power, determination as well as passion and love.

Pink is globally recognised as a nurturing colour, it still contains the need for action because it contains red. It is filled with gentle loving energy for wellbeing. The pink I have chosen is also a reddy pink to convey strength as well as nurturing a femininity.

With Mandi as the icon in the skater power position it conveys the sense of leadership, support and group exercise. I created the icon by placing a photo of Mandi in Adobe Illustrator and drawing her outline with my Wacom Intuos tablet.

The font used for MOVE is serif free to convey strength and action encouraging people to MOVE which is why I have coloured it red and given it a sense of movement as the E is angled to the right and fitting in neatly to the V.

WITH is less urgent lending a sense of camaraderie and support.

MANDI I have used a serif font for femininity and coloured pink conveying the nurturing, wellbeing and strength of Mandi.

She loved it :D

“I LOVE the style, the feel and how you have encompassed the nature of my brand. I am in awe. It is awesome!!”

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