It was an absolute pleasure to photograph the England family. I’ve known Jo and Xavier since Space so it was pretty special to capture Xavier before his 3rd birthday.

Nothing makes me happier than celebrating connection and love like this! The wind was doing delightful things to Jo’s hair!

We were so lucky when the Mountain came out! Our mountain has special significance in Taranaki, so on a day when it was hiding it was pretty special when it decided to show itself for 10 minutes! When we planned the family photo shoot Jo and I were both hoping that the mountain would be out! I swapped to my 16-300mm for the Mountain Shot.

Capturing connection is so important, especially when a single photo tells the story of a beautiful journey, to this day, in this life.
It’s a time that you can look back to and remember forever.
Oh I do love lifestyle photography ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you Jo, Shawn and Xavier for choosing McCrory Creative to capture your special moments xxx