I feel like Mrs. Andrea Rowe was the client that I needed at just the right time.

She gave me a challenge that I was invited to use my intuition and creativity with and I created something that she and I absolutely adore. Animations and transitions on this website are so satisfying. I also took her product shots. Because I am personally coming from a place where I’m just kind of figuring out the mind and intuition and, you know, trusting myself, it was pretty perfect that my client also came from that space. Her job is to make intuitive blends and to make blends that help with healing. She made me an intuitive blend – when I put it on I feel like it gives me permission for my inner child to play and just enjoy life in the moment. So glad I could build this for you. And thank you for choosing McCrory Creative to build your brand.

Go and order healing oil blends online at www.mrsandrearowe.co.nz.

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