Photo Retouching – The Mummy


Photo Retouching challenge from The Mummy November Photoshop Challenge: A couple of weeks back I was watching the Mummy, the one with Tom Cruise. And I saw the Mummy’s eyes and thought to myself, “Those eyes are frickn cool, I’ve never seen that before, I wonder if I could that.” A few days later @jenthousandwords [...]

Moose Tea Product Labels and Bag Composite


I love working efficiently... In this project each image required a similar workflow, once I plan the workflow, I should be able to finish each image efficiently. That happened with this job. I prepared Moose Tea's image labels for print and then edited these product bag composites with their different labels and different bag sizes. Using [...]

Moose Tea Banner Photography


For young sister Entrepreneurs Mech and Hin from Moose Tea, their brand represents: Nature and a connection to the earth. For health conscious tea drinkers. In awe of something that's new and old. Tasting our tea's bring satisfaction and happiness. After careful thought as to what is representative of their brand, I pitched this [...]



I was very proud when I saw this image displayed with a bronze banner at the 2017 NZIPP Iris awards. This image had been entered in illustrative and had many amazing entries. I wasn't confident that I would get a placing because this image is mostly constructed on Photoshop. However, the category, illustrative, is [...]