The Despain Family


It was so much FUN photographing your beautiful family Andrea! Ohawe beach is one of my favourite places in the world and the perfect place to photograph this beautiful family. The weather and light played ball for a couple of hours on this cold winters day.  I love the stories and love that we’ve [...]

The Paulger Family – Newborn Photography


Emma-Marie || 11 Days Old When I was going through this set, every photo was my favourite - until I saw the next one!  Thank you Rose and Emon for choosing me to photograph your special moments. I loved every minute of it! ☺😘 Emma, you are so precious and [...]

The England Family


It was an absolute pleasure to photograph the England family. I’ve known Jo and Xavier since Space so it was pretty special to capture Xavier before his 3rd birthday. Nothing makes me happier than celebrating connection and love like this! The wind was doing delightful things to Jo’s hair! We were so lucky when the [...]

Photo Retouching – The Mummy


Photo Retouching challenge from The Mummy November Photoshop Challenge: A couple of weeks back I was watching the Mummy, the one with Tom Cruise. And I saw the Mummy’s eyes and thought to myself, “Those eyes are frickn cool, I’ve never seen that before, I wonder if I could that.” A few days later @jenthousandwords [...]

Moose Tea Product Labels and Bag Composite


I love working efficiently... In this project each image required a similar workflow, once I plan the workflow, I should be able to finish each image efficiently. That happened with this job. I prepared Moose Tea's image labels for print and then edited these product bag composites with their different labels and different bag sizes. Using [...]

Moose Tea Product Photography


"Taryn went above and beyond and helped turn our vision into reality." Oh such a good feeling to read great feedback. It was a beautiful sunny day when I shot these product images. It was definitely a reggae playlist photoshoot. I really enjoyed finding different configurations for the different teas and photographing them show the [...]

Moose Tea Banner Photography


For young sister Entrepreneurs Mech and Hin from Moose Tea, their brand represents: Nature and a connection to the earth. For health conscious tea drinkers. In awe of something that's new and old. Tasting our tea's bring satisfaction and happiness. After careful thought as to what is representative of their brand, I pitched this [...]