Hawera Camera Club Logo Design

It was a real pleasure to work on a project close to my heart.

Because I am also a member of Hawera Camera Club I was able to really get the pulse of what the client wanted and what was needed. Here is a run-down of my thought process:

The water tower represents Hawera. I looked at the different depictions of the tower in town and decided that ours was to be the most detailed. This means that when printed small the detail will merge together and look a bit better than the others, but when printed large such as on the tear drop banner the details will be visible and the tower will look even better.

The mountain represents our club and Hawera, the view shown is the view from Hawera, it’s also shown below the tower to show perspective and distance.

The circle is representive of a the glass of a lens. I was originally going to use a camera body but I own a Nikon and thought it would be contentious (haha) The Circle is cut to create two C’s to represent Camera Club.

The circle is cut on angle to create a focal point starting at the top, tower, bottom cut, mountain then circle.


The colours were taken from the mountain image a member of the club sent through. The gradient orange is modern using new illustrator techniques and perfect for screen. I’ve also provided a flat version for print.

The colours are representative of our club because we chase the golden hour.

Hawera in Maori also means ‘breath of fire’.

The brown/grey is taken from the mountain and represents the tower as well. The grey is also a good contrast to the orange.


Europa is a san serif font that represents modern and progressive. I thought it was also important to align them so we display our abbreviation, HCC.

I hope you enjoyed reading, reader.

Getting back into it,

Taryn McCrory
McCrory Creative

“I absolutely love what you have done with the Logo & the thought behind the Icon, colours and font.  A huge thank you.”

Karen , Hawera Camera Club