Blog post about the importance of writing blog posts

You will notice my last blog post was January 2016. I’ve been a bit busy since then having a new baby daughter to care for, that being said I know the importance of keeping blog posts up to date. Life being so busy I would come up with an idea and say yes, I will write that this weekend, but something always gets in the way. In the case of children, most of the time it’s lack of time. So I have made time.

Writing blog posts for your website or service is extremely important to the success of your website.

Here are five reasons why:

1: Websites that are regularly updated with unique content rank higher on Google

Google calculates website page rankings using a complicated algorithm created by really smart people and it’s being constantly updated. People use the internet to find out information on topics that they are interested in, so websites with regularly updated content will get ranked higher.

2: Content using your keywords gets ranked higher in Google, and it’s free

Unlike Facebook or Instagram, which are fine tools to use for marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) starts at the foundation when you’re building your website and it’s totally free. Using keywords in your content relevant to the website you’re writing for increases the chance of your page being on Google’s page one. So when a potential client searches for the item, product or idea you’re selling, your website shows up. This is free. Unlike Facebook or Instagram, who make you pay for how many people you want to reach.

3: Unique website content gets shared

Not only is good content a great marketing tool for your business – people tend to share good information, but using your keywords in your blog also increases your Search Engine Optimisation – which means you will rank higher on Google. People visiting your website from external sources such as Facebook increase the validity of your information. Google takes those outside visitors as ticks of approval and ranks your page higher.

4: Blogs with unique and relevant content keep giving

Long after you’ve written a blog post, good content can still increase traffic and effect your Google ranking.

5: Good content can generate income

If you have Google Adsense activated on your website then more traffic = more revenue for the blogger.

6: Make good work and share it

Writing about your skills and expertise offers authenticity to your website and makes it even more personal now that your audience knows the story behind your art. Writing about your skills also teaches people that are coming behind you, giving you a chance to help someone else on the same journey, offering them insight into how they can apply this knowledge into their own work.