Project Description

My first newborn photo shoot and it was with twins. I did my research online, I downloaded interesting set-ups from pinterest but nothing could prepare me for how fun it would be.

What I learned from my first newborn photoshoot with twins:

Babies like to wriggle
They wriggle all over the place. I adapted my settings to the fast movements of the twins and came up with something original.

Babies will pee or poop whenever they damn well please
As Carlos informed me when he’d been kept on the floor too long. His expression could only mean he knew it was coming. It made for a hilarious moment for all the adults present.

Mummy’s and Daddy’s appreciate the whole experience
They know that this precious time when babies are small is so fleeting. To capture it forever is a gift.

I hope you enjoy the final result as much as I do.

Taryn McCrory
McCrory Creative